Staying Connected

Apr 20th 2020

My work requires an internet connection via 3G or 4G LTE. It doesn't have to be fast, but we do prefer it to be fast enough to stream Hulu or Netflix (> 2mbps). Just because we sleep in the forest, doesn't mean we don't have modern conveniences!

The truth is, a data signal can be found in even the most remote locations; you just have to know where to look. In fact, we've covered a lot of ground over the last year, and there's only ever been a handful of times that we've been without an internet connection.

One of our top tools to use to find free campsites with a data signal is Campendium! They have a paying upgrade that gives you access to cell coverage maps. It's highly worth it and we totally recommend it.

If a spot doesn't have internet access, it's not even an option for us.

So how do we stay connected?

The truth is, right now it's pretty difficult. In fact, it's been difficult! Of the major network carriers, nobody offers a truly unlimited 4G data plan. What we mean by that is, most data carriers start charging past a certain amount of data, and/or will throttle or deprioritize your connection. They call this "network management." For AT&T, that cap is 22GB for consumer, or 100GB per month for business plans.

But that shows how out of touch with reality carriers are. We average 15GB per day of data. This includes me listening to Spotify for the majority of my work day, and a few hours of streaming television. We don't game all day, so we don't have excessive needs. We are, what I would consider, below average data users, and we average 450GB of month of data.

What you have to look for are resellers. These seem to pop-up just as fast as they die off, so this information is always in flux. The folks over at RV Mobile Internet do a great job at keeping track of this.

You'll want to have a plan with both AT&T, and Verizon. The reason for that is, not all locations that we camp have coverage by both, but there's always at least coverage by one.

We recently started using Nomad Internet for AT&T and so far it's been working really well with no apparent issues.

You can use this link below to get $25 off your first month!

Sign up with Nomad Internet.


Nick Haskins

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