📗 100 page eBook (PDF)

This is the book that we wish we would have had before we started our new lives on the road. We'll teach you everything you need to know to camp for free and work remotely!

  • Locating spots to camp
  • Mobile internet
  • Power options
  • Sizing for solar
  • Finding water
  • Getting mail
  • Organization tips

🎁 Bonus! Finding great campsites with the perfect combination of privacy, good internet, and proximity to supplies and attractions can be challenging.

That's why we're including 20 of our favorite campsites FREE! Each comes complete with GPS coordinates, and information for water, dump, groceries, and more!

1 Review
  • Ethan Hansen(ethansen) ·

    If you're looking to get into the RV life, this is the book for you. Nick & Brandi take you along on their family's journey from a sticks-and-bricks house to a 24' RV, sharing both their successes and trials. If you already have an RV, this guide will likely help remove some of the daily friction that comes with the transition to life on the road.

    Full of concrete and actionable tips—not to mention a bonus guide of their favorite campsites in the Southwest—"Living in a Small RV" is a must-read for every RV family.