How we camp for free and work remotely in our off-grid RV.

Traveling isn't something that we ever saw ourselves doing on a full-time basis. Sure, we had taken trips before and overall we really enjoyed them. We didn’t enjoy sneaking the dog around and constantly telling the kids to be quiet and to be mindful of the people around us, but that’s how it goes when you stay in hotels.

It wasn’t until some time in the last handful of years that we began to really think about what it would be like to travel on the road, full-time, in an RV.

But really, how would it all work? What about work, for that matter? How do you see the sights and still have time for the day job? What do the kids do all day when you’re working? What about Internet?

We stopped asking questions and started planning. We downsized, selling what we could and donating almost everything else to a local charity. We converted our cabin in the Appalachian Mountains to a vacation rental then set off for a life on the road.

With a rig powered by solar, and a preference for the path less traveled, we've made our home on Americas remote public lands, forever ditching the need for crowded, noisy, and expensive campgrounds!

Let us show you how we do it!

📗 100pg book (PDF + EPUB)

This is the book that we wish we would have had before we started our new lives on the road. We'll teach you everything you need to know to camp for free and work remotely!

  • Locating spots to camp
  • Mobile internet
  • Power options
  • Sizing for solar
  • Finding water
  • Getting mail
  • Organization tips

🎁 Bonus! Finding great campsites with the perfect combination of privacy, good internet, and proximity to supplies and attractions can be challenging.

That's why we're including 20 of our favorite campsites FREE! Each comes complete with GPS coordinates, and information for water, dump, groceries, and more!

Sample Chapter

Download and read the chapter on Getting Power for free!

Living in a Small RV

A book on how we camp for free and work remotely in our off-grid RV.

That's us!

👋 We’re a family of four (+ a tiny doggo!) living a simple life touring the US in our motorhome since June 2019.

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